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Clients Appreciation and Christmas Party 2022- Highlights Video. Merry Christmas!

In this video, we’re celebrating Oleg Doukhnevitch’s amazing achievements in the real estate market!

From buying and selling properties to becoming a real estate ninja, Oleg has done it all!

To celebrate, we held a client’s party in Bellevue, WA, and it was a blast! Oleg’s clients came from all over the continent to share in his success and congratulate him on his incredible career. It was truly a celebration of excellence in the real estate market!

From Oleg:

“Dear friends, May this Christmas bring you great joy, fulfillment of all your dreams, peace, and happiness! First and foremost, I’m beginning with a heartfelt, and well-deserved THANK YOU! Thank you for coming last Saturday, and making this event possible! This event would not happen without your presence, friendship, and dedication. I know you are busy with life, family, kids, and many other events in this special holiday season, but you made time to celebrate this Christmas with me! I’m proud and happy to have such amazing clients, business partners, and friends! Special thank you for your help and support in organizing this event to: Inna Tan- my beautiful wife, who supports me in everything I do and for dedication to this Christmas Party!”