Christmas Clients Appreciation and Christmas Party 2022- Highlights Video. Merry Christmas! In this video, we’re celebrating Oleg Doukhnevitch’s amazing achievements in the real estate market! From buying and selling properties to becoming a real estate ninja, Oleg has done it all! To celebrate, we held a client’s party in Bellevue, WA, and it was a blast! Oleg’s clients came from all over the continent to share […]
Christmas The Oleg Group Clients Appreciation & Christmas Party 2019 It was a great year! We enjoyed celebrating the upcoming holidays with our clients and partners! It means a lot to us to be a part of such an important journey in your life. Thank you for allowing us to serve your Real Estate needs. Thank you for coming and Happy Holidays! See all photos […]
Christmas Transforming Your House from Summer Home to Winter Hideaway None of us want to admit it, but Winter is Coming. The new season of Game of Thrones might not be until 2019, but your home will need preparation before then. As the days shorten, you can mitigate many mid-winter headaches with some preemptive prep. Proper weatherizing can help protect your investment from preventable damage, save money […]
Christmas The Oleg Group Christmas and Clients Appreciation Party   We live in a crazy and fast growing world. Our calendars are full, our heads are packed with information, our phones run out of memory all the time. When we get a call from old friends who want to meet, we tell them that we need to check our schedule first… We are going […]
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